Cine-Ndaba Pamplet

Cine-Ndaba needs your support to make a documentary about gender-based violence

The Cine-Ndaba team are a group of Fulbright alumni who have come to a point of reckoning with the levels of gender related violence in South Africa. We feel that the dialogue around this issue is often governed by those who are not most proximate to the issue. Cine-Ndaba was conceived out of the desire to bring this conversation closer to women who have been directly impacted, placing the tools of narration in their hands. Through workshopping processes on basic filmmaking and storytelling, we will be collaborating with a group of women who have experienced violence. But, they need your support! Find out more.

Benedicta Van Minnen

Women’s Day not real until institutions change

Benedicta Van Minnen comments on Women’s Day. “It is clear that it is only when women have successfully become part of the established structure of governance from schools, to courts, from police stations to government, as magistrates, as police, as politicians, as doctors and as strong community leaders, that women’s freedoms will be truly protected. Anything less than that and any gains will always be vulnerable to attempts to erode hard won rights in order to prop up increasingly centralized political elites who only view women voters as a means to an end, and who are, presumably, seen as happy with the current crumbs to salvage an increasingly patriarchal conscience.”

Men and feminism: violence and silence, Jackson Katz

Jackson Katz, Phd, is an anti-sexist activist and expert on violence, media and masculinities. An author, filmmaker, educator and social theorist, Katz has worked in gender violence prevention work with diverse groups of men and boys in sports culture and the military, and has pioneered work in critical media literacy.Katz is the creator and co-founder of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, which advocates the ‘bystander approach’ to sexual and domestic violence prevention. You’ve also seen him in the award winning documentary “MissRepresentation.”

Jen Thorpe

Never tired enough to stop

I am tired of rape in South Africa. I am tired of thinking about it, reading about it, hearing about it. I am tired of the fact that last year over sixty thousand women (enough to fill the Greenpoint stadium) reported a rape to the police, and hundreds of thousands more women were raped but did not report…So on the 14th of February I’ll be supporting One Billion Rising – a movement that will voice its frustration with all of these things. Because I am tired, but I will never be tired enough to stop fighting for women’s right to sexual pleasure, sexual freedom and sexual equality.