Kameel Premhid

Say Yes to the Dress?

Kameel Premhid considers the arguments for judging Thandile Sunduza’s fashion sense at the State of the Nation Address last week. Some of the more amusing arguments have included: (a) that she was being criticised for her choice of fashion against an objective standard – not that she was female; and (b) that being an MP means she is expected to set an example and her choice, which was an allegedly poor one, made criticising her fair game. Kameel finds these both wanting.

Amy Jephta

Don’t Fool Yourself – You Need Feminism

Amy Jephta discusses the need to identify and own feminism for women and men. “: feminism isn’t absolute. There are no rules. You don’t have to subscribe to the academics, believe in all the politics, follow the propaganda, burn your bra, or be angry all the time. You don’t have to hate men, rant every chance you get, or not like pink dresses and lipstick. You can shape feminism into what you need to it be; it’s flexible, you can adopt it and own it and make it yours. All you have to do is keep asking questions. To paraphrase the cliché: feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Believe that. Call yourself a feminist today.”

Xpanda print advertisement

Complaint regarding Xpanda print and radio adverts

The media play a vital role in determining social perceptions of
women. They don’t only ‘represent’ reality – they help to construct
and define it. The South African media is saturated with images that
deride women, that market women as objects for sexual consumption.
Magnum ice-creams, Maverick’s cologne, Nandos chicken burgers – these
are among the products that local advertisers have sought to sell by
mimicking sexist stereotypes. Add to this list – security gates. Read the complaint from a number of concerned parties regarding Xpanda’s latest set of advertisements.