Job: The Black Sash: National Programmes Manager

The Black Sash is an independent, non-governmental Human Rights organisation that has worked tirelessly for justice and equality in South Africa for more than 59 years. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994, the Black Sash has focussed on the promotion and protection of our hard-won freedoms, particularly in the areas of social and economic rights. Currently an exciting and challenging vacancy exists in the organisation for the position of National Programmes Manager, based in Cape Town.

Kameel Premhid

Lindiwe Mazibuko and the Politics of Representation

Lindiwe Mazibuko’s sudden departure from our political life cannot be understated. Notwithstanding her political views (which are open to contestation), the loss of a powerful female voice in an inherently patriarchal political environment is not a good thing. Irrespective of the reasons as to why she may have left, which are heavily disputed, her departure is not good for women’s progress in politics. Kameel Premhid discusses the numbers, the gender gap, the politics of representation, and the silver lining of Mazibuko’s departure.